Alissa and I Part two

Part 2

The front door opened. Alissa jumped up from her position right above me. My rock hard cock was about the spread her dripping wet lips. She yelled up.
“Yeelllow” she said
“Hey sis it’s just me.”
Her older brother had come home from his long weekend early. Alissa signaled me to get some clothes on.
“We are leaving!” she whispered
“Aah, I’m so hard! Just touch it!”
Alissa reached over and grabbed my rock hard cock.
“That’s so hard I just have to have it in me soon.”
Then Alissa jumped back on top of me and plunged it into her pussy. She fell right down on it and stabbed right up as deep as it would ever go right into her hot box.
“Ooh Ahhhh Ohh uhhh!” Alissa let out as she pulled my throbbing cock out of her dripping pussy. It was covered in her girl cum!
“That felt amazing my cock is throbbing for you pussy Alissa. I have to fuck you ASAP!!! Right now!” I told her.
She grabbed my shorts and threw them at me. Then put her tube top back on and led me out the door.
“Where are we going?”
“My friend has a hot tub and she’s away on vacation and no one is house-sitting!” She said with another of those winks.
“Why didn’t I just meet you there to begin with?” I asked frantically as I tried to pull up my shorts and fly.
“I don’t know!”
“I need to punish you!” I said.
I grabbed the clicker and put in on max! Alissa stumbled and I caught her.
“I’m so close to orgamsing, you can’t do that right now babe, please” she begged me.
I let her fall to the grass in her back yard and pushed it into overdrive. She grabbed at her pussy under her mini skirt and fingered herself while rubbing her clit. Then she exploded again. She laid there helpless for a moment then I picked her up and carried her to my car. I put her in the passenger seat.
“How did you like your punishment?” I asked.
“I want more!” she said.
Then with one hand she grabbed my fly and pulled it down releasing my cock and started to give me road head just as I pulled out of her drive way. Then she grabbed the remote for the vibrator and put it to overdrive again.
“Ohh, Ahh, Ahhhh, Yes!!! More, more yes babe!” She moaned as the vibrator churned inside her and my cock railed the back of her throat. It was all garbled but it sounded hot!
“Where are we going?” I asked her while my cock was still in her mouth.
“I’m gonna have to pull over, you way to good at this!” I said as it hit me.
My rock hard cock got harder as it fill with yet another load. Then I spewed every last drop into her mouth once again!
“Swallow that cum you slut Alissa!” I told her as she released my cock from her throat.
She swallowed it after playing with it in her mouth.
“Such a turn on babe!” I told her.
I pulled out from the sidewalk and went on.
“It’s the next blue house!” She told me.
I pulled into the drive way and we got out of the car. She ran in her extremely sexy outfit to the gate to the back yard. She opened the gate and ran to the pool as fast as she could in her little high heels and her skirt. I just watched her boobs bounce and her ass wag. I followed her into the back yard and took off my shirt. She walked over to the gazebo and kicked off her heels and took off her fishnet stockings. She then went over to one of the pillars and hit a switch. The cover of the hot tub next to the gazebo slide off to the side and the jets started up. She dipped one foot in.
“Oh Ben, it’s so nice and warm!” she said giggling.
She then took off her skirt and revealed her soaking pussy to me. Then she pulled the mini egg vibrator out of her pussy. It was covered in her thick white cum. Then she disappeared into the hot bubbling water.
“Opps. I forgot to take this off!” Alissa said in a sexy voice.
She reached around to grab the bottom on her tube top, which could barely keep her love melons at bay and, pulled it up and over her head. Her luscious boobs fell from her top and bounced into the water. With that and her eyes fucking the shit out of me I ran to the hot tub ripping off my clothes as I made my way over.
I got into the hot tub and moved over to where she was. She was relaxing with her eyes closed on one of the jet seats. I sat next to her and began to stroke up her leg with my hand. I went over her knee and she began to moan. I went further up her leg and reached her inner thigh. I then moved across her pussy to her other leg, teasing her pussy by touching just above her clit and outside of her lips but not going inside before I reached her opposite leg.
She reached down with one hand and began to finger her pussy and squeeze her tit with the other. Then I moved up her other leg and started to caress her entire body over. She reached down and grabbed my cock and began to rub it up and down beneath the bubbly water.
“Its about time baby. All those naughty looks you’ve been giving me and that head!! Oh my god baby!” I told Alissa.
“I’m all yours hunnie.” She said with a wink.
She got up from her sitting position and straddled me as she pushed me into the seat she was just in.
“Time for my pleasure and your play time!” she said.
Then she lowered herself onto me. Her pussy disappeared into the water and found itself with a cock inside it. My 7 inch dong slipped into her pussy like butter. Her soaking lips wrapped around my cock and she began to rock back and fourth on it. Then she began to bob up and down on my cock.
She would raise herself so just the tip was barely spreading her lips and plunge herself back down on it causing it to go a little deeper each and every stroke.
Suddenly her pussy got a whole lot tighter and her strokes got shorter and quicker. I was stabbing into her pussy so fast it just felt like one be long never ending stroke into her soaking wet, hot pussy.
“Ohh, Ohh, Ohh its soo deep inside me. Fuck Fuck me Ben! Come on cum inside mommy! I want your cum deep inside me so I can feel and watch it drip out of me! Cum Cum on.” Alissa moaned.
“You want my cum?” I asked her.
“Deep inside my babe!. Ohh Ohh my God I’m going to cum. Its going to cover your hard cock!” she said to me in a moaning tone.
“Ahhh, Ohh, yeah baby I’m cumming!!!” She screamed as hot white thick girl cum exploded onto my cock buried deep inside her.
I pulled my now bright white cum covered cock from her drenched slit. Her cum and mine oozed out of her in think globs.
“That was amazing. We will have to do that another time!” She said in a very satisfied voice.