Steamy Shower

It was going to be a long day at school today. Im Chris im 14 and i absolutly hate school. It was the last class and I had football training. I was a Wide Reciever and my brother Kyle (15 he already had his birthday) was the Quaterback. I was so pissed! He never passes the ball to me ever! Im the best WR and he knows it. After practice and we all headed to the showers. There was only 48 shower heads but we had 50 people in are team. As usual i missed out and so did Ty are Running Back was he was away. After every one had left i went in the shower and stripped off my clothes. I heard the door open again but i assumed it was some-one that forgot something.
"Still here Parra I see." Said the voice off my Couch. He was only 25 and just got out of collage.
"Yer again." I replied. I didnt want to turn around. But then Coach went to the shower next to me. I looked in the corner of my eye and seen his hairless junk.

I felt the blood go in my penis and i started to erect. I covered it up with both hands.
"Dont worry Parra, its a man thing."
I went to face my coach. And when i saw him he was erect aswell.
"Its all natural." Coach said walking towards me.
We were both using the same shower tap at this point. I let my hands go off my erect penis and boy was his penis bigger then mine! He grabbed my back and gave me a kiss on the neck all the way to my ear. I moaned and grabbed his penis with my right hand. He pushed my hand away and said "Not yet."
I stood there moaning while he kept kissing me. I kept moaning and i grabbed my penis stroking it. He let go off the kiss and went to my back.

He then shoved his 81/2 Cock in my ass. It felt good. I was crying alot beacuase of the pain and he grabbed my head and bent me over. It was like nothing i have ever expeirenced in my life. Then he did some last huge thrusts and He came in my ass. I felt the warmness and it was delightfull. He kept fucking my arse and i was moaning ever second. He stooped an helped me up. "You turn." i said. I fept my asshole stretched and felt his juices flowing on my back legs. He layed on his stomach and i inserted my penis in. It felt better taking ot then giving it. Before i knew it i came in his ass like it was no tomorrow.
"Dont cum so fast." Coach said "I liked the sensation." he got up and went to his phone called up somebody and hung up.
"wait here for 20 minutes." He said bursting out of the showers with only a towel on. I felt my erection go down and i wanted it to so i waited 10 minutes then when it was fully erect i wanked and cummed again. It went back down and Coach came in the door. He said "For more fun i brought my boyfriend Lochy." Lochy was a tall Dark man around 27 years old. Coach took of his towel and Lochy took off his clothes. Lochy had some tattoos a visible six pack and a whopper cock around 10 inches erect.

They both walked to me and said "Lets play."
Locky turned me over in Doggy position and grabbed my arse and rammed his cock in. The nice sensation filled me up and i moaned in motion with his penis. I felt Lochy came in me and this one wa a bigger load.
"Dont stop." i said.
Then Coach came in front of me and grabbed my head and made me suck him. Wow i thought to myself. Im getting rammed by a huge cock and sucking my coachs cock. Sevearal minutes later they both came in me. And hopped up i was lying on the floor panting heavily. "Cya at training tomorrow." Coach said. Lochy came over to me and sucked me. It felt really good.

Lochy and coach left. I was the only one in the shower. I heard a knock on the door and said
"Who is it!"
A reply said "Its mum i'm put front i came to give u a lift home."

When i got home the only thing i called think about was Lochy and Coach.

When it was morning i hopped straight out of bed and got ready for school. Back in the Locker rooms everyone was getting readdy for practice. And i went to the open area to change imstead of the cubicle. I knew every one would see my penis but i wanted that. I saw some guys lollygaging but i didnt mind. Everyone left and it was only me in the changing room. I was abput to put on my skins but TomTom another WR said "Hey Parra." i said "Hey." and looked at him.
He was also naked. He was fully erect and i was no where near. I walked up to him and kissed him.
He pulled away and said "i was wondering if you would go out with me kinda like dating?" he said nervously.
I said to him "I would love to….and meet me here after practice and miss the showers."
I kissed him again and walked away.

Everytime Kyle passed the ball TomTom would drop it just so Kyle could pass it to me.
Kyle then shouted "PARRA!" and Bullet passed it to me. I ran as fast as i could and caught it on the 45. I ran all the way to the touchdown zone show boating and did a flip at the end. Everyone ran to me and picked me up on their shoulders. I felt like a king.

After training me and TomTom both missed the showers. We hopped in and waited till we were both fully erect. Then we kissed one another.