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Tranny Pickup

Paul was having misgivings about the girl he had picked up in the bar on Chicago's state street. At the moment his trousers [...]

meeting Daddy

I am not sure if it is the knowing what is going to happen or the actual act occurring that is more erotic. [...]

Slumber Party of Doom

The girls were still unconscious when the beast slowly reentered the cold dungeon, quietly walking towards them as the chains held them in [...]

Night with Alec

Silk dreaded the whole day. She prayed it would go slow, but no such luck. Finally it was six and her shift was [...]

Gray Rock Academy pt.4

-Thanks for all the good ratings and comments, the comments really make me want to continue with the series- “I just don’t understand [...]


“MISSY” By Blueheatt This story starts when Missy was young. She was my girlfriends daughter. She was spoiled, hard to get along with, [...]